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Addressing the Toughest Problems in Hospitals and Health Systems


Cost Containment

Budgets are nobody’s favorite topic. But with increased efficiency, you can have a different conversation.

Many factors contribute to cost containment, including pressure to cut costs, meeting expensive regulatory hurdles, and patient demand for improved care. Investing wisely in technology solutions can help control costs while elevating quality of care.

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Fall Risk Reduction

In any hospital or health care system, falls can be devastating. See the risks, and you’ll change the outcomes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, falls can lead to long-term disability and early mortality, with one out of five falls causing serious injury. Unfortunately, they’re all too common in many healthcare settings. But with our innovative and automated technology, you can provide meaningful fall risk reduction that changes the odds.

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Healthcare-related cyber attacks are on the rise. Don’t become part of the statistics.

Cyber attacks, data breaches, ransomware, phishing, and other threats can challenge any organization, especially as healthcare is increasingly targeted by cyber criminals. We offer robust security that keeps your systems and data safe, whether it resides in your organization or in the cloud.

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Government regulations can seem complicated and expensive, but an expert IT partner gives you the power to navigate them.

Healthcare is a highly regulated industry with complex regulations, large fines, and government incentives. Having an IT partner with deep experience in navigating regulations, and subject matter experts, can give you the guidance and solutions you need.

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Data Conversion

Wrangling data doesn’t have to feel like herding cats, if you have a data solution that works for you.

Data can be a thorny management issue, whether it’s setting access control levels, ensuring interoperability, or addressing data storage needs. With our EMR data conversion solution and expertise at managing data efficiently and effectively, you can streamline the process and have what you need, when you need it.

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IT Services

Your IT needs can feel complex, especially as your organization grows. But there’s a way to get clarity instead.

Choosing the best solutions for your hospital or healthcare system isn’t always easy, even with the support of in-house IT staff. Our team gives you the ability to gain insight and skill across your technology landscape, through consulting services, technology roadmaps, managed services, and cloud solutions.

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